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Hyflex Flipped Teaching

Source: Donna Ziegenfuss, Cynthia Furse, Ali Froehlich (University of Utah)
Topic: Active Learning Blended Classroom Learning Curriculum Design Distance Education Flipped Classroom Learning Remote Instruction
Date: 6 January 2021

This website provides online resources to learn about teaching flipped. We have updated it in 2021 for the hybrid-flexible model of delivery (simultaneously supporting students who are in person, and synchronously and asynchronously online).

Accreditation Virtual Event Series

Source: IEEE Educational Activities Department
Topic: Accreditation
Date: November 2021

Have you ever wondered how IEEE impacts Accreditation? Most people understand that certain institutions are “accredited”, but how does that happen?

IBM Resources

Source: Jeff Katz, IEEE Senior Member, Technical Leader of IBM Global University Programs
Topic: Educational Research
Date: June 2021

IBM Research, and the Global University Programs Department Resources

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