Assessment Techniques

On the Use of High-Frequency, Low-Stakes Assessments for STEM Undergraduate Education

Undergraduates can be kept actively engaged through a variety of methods. One important method involves the use of high-frequency, low-stakes (HFLS) testing. In practice, this involves the repeated use of evaluation mechanisms that have little impact on a student’s grade. The remainder of the work presented herein will present some [...]

Demystifying Compliance with ABET Criterion 4

Demystifying Compliance with ABET Criterion 4 In the early 1990s ABET, the accreditation agency for engineering and technology programs, initiated a process to move away from inflexible criteria focused on what is taught and which courses are taken to criteria focused on what is learned. The Engineering Criteria 2000 [...]

Scalable Online Formative Assessment: Improving Communication Skills with Self- and Peer Assessment

The rapid adjustment required by long standing higher education institutions, grounded in well-established face to face learning practices to online learning in 2020, has created a demand for alternative and innovative assessment approaches. This article will outline an assessment framework that is highly effective and adaptable, suitable for online learning, [...]

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