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Software and Systems Engineering Standards: Implementing DEVOPS Best Practices

ABSTRACT The implementation of DevOps best practices using software and systems engineering standards can significantly improve software development and deployment. DevOps practices help organizations deliver high-quality software at a faster rate, while reducing costs and increasing efficiency. However, many organizations struggle to effectively implement DevOps practices due to a lack [...]

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Teaching Engineering to First Timers

Jennifer Bonniwell is an associate professor at Milwaukee School of Engineering, where she just finished her sixth year. She teaches mostly freshmen and juniors in the electrical engineering programs and is a member of the American Society for Engineering Education. Bonniwell will be speaking about her experience teaching an [...]

Why Universities Should Adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) Ethics Course Requirements

Will Griffin is Chief Ethics Officer at Hypergiant, an enterprise AI company. He is the recipient of the IEEE 2021 Award for Distinguished Ethical Practices. He is the creator of Hypergiant's Top of Mind Ethics (TOME) framework which won the Communitas Award for Excellence in AI Ethics. His past [...]

How can engineering students be motivated to apply their vast technical background to solve major problems in today’s society?

These are my favorite quotes, broadcasted by IEEE Facebook, that I like to share with my engineering undergraduate students: - "Scientists study the world as it is; engineers create the world that has never been.” - Theodore van Kármán - Aerospace engineer and physicist. - "As engineers, we were going [...]

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