Engineering Education 2.0: Interviews in the Field (Session #3)

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This session is part of a four-part series of virtual events designed to equip participants with skills to apply best practices and understanding from current STEM higher-education research literature.

Join us for an inspiring event bringing together some of the leading figures in Engineering Educational innovation around the crucial topic of developing Engineering Education 2.0 and preparing graduates for the engineering practices of the next century.

In the third session Engineering Education 2.0, we shift focus from the field as a whole and the concept of ”teaching as research” to innovation in practice. Taking inspiration from a thought-provoking recent report Ruth Graham released under the auspices of MIT, we take a look at the coal face of innovation through the eyes of three thought leaders identified in that report, who join us in the studio to talk with Professor Pears about their visions, innovative educational programs, and views on research and development as we move to implement the future of engineering education.

Guests include Professor James Morgan, Charles Sturt University, Australia, Professor John Mitchell, University College London (UCL), United Kingdom, and Professor Ron Ulseth, Iron Range Engineering, Minnesota State University, USA.