A curated collection of educational research, journals, tools, and other resources that may be of interest to those teaching engineering, computer science, and technology at the university level. Please note that many of these resources are not created or endorsed by IEEE, and links are provided for information only. For specific questions about any resource, please contact the creator of the resource.


The Ryder Project

Source: Sarah Dart
Topic: Blended Classroom Learning

A series of worked examples in the format of videos to support student learning based on Blended Learning.

Hong Kong's Experience of Teaching and Learning During COVID

Source: IEEE Region 10 - Hong Kong Section
Topic: Remote Instruction
Date: March 2021

A series of short videos on Effective Remote Teaching during COVID-19: Responsive E-Learning Professional Development

IEEE Transactions on Education

Source: IEEE Education Society
Topic: Academic Integrity Remote Instruction
Date: 11 Nov 2020

The IEEE Transactions on Education (ToE) publishes significant and original scholarly contributions to education in electrical and electronics engineering...

IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies

Source: IEEE Education Society
Topic: Remote Instruction
Date: 20 October 2020

The IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies covers all advances in learning technologies and their applications...

Learning Objectives: A Key to Better Teaching

Source: IEEE Learning Network
Topic: Remote Instruction
Date: 10 July 2020

The goal of this course is to teach instructors how to craft learning objectives. First, we'll explore the importance of writing learning objectives.